ATM Safaty

Safety is the highest priority of the State ATM Corporation. The primary objective of the Enterprise is to ensure compliance with national ATM safety requirements with all the employees committed to this goal. 

To provide safety of its operations, the Enterprise has implemented the ATM Safety Management System. It ensures systems approach to safety indicators, identification and elimination of hazards before they result in incidents and accidents, commitment of the Enterprise to continuous safety improvement in the future.

Voluntary safety reporting system

The Voluntary Safety Reporting System is operated by the Head Office of State ATM Corporation.

The System performs prompt review of in-coming reports, development and supervision over the implementation corrective actions aimed at elimination of identified deficiencies and shortcomings. The System informs the respondents about the results of report analysis within 14 days of receipt.

How to file a voluntary report

A Voluntary Safety Report can be submitted from this Web page. To do so, please fill in the form below and press “Send”.


FSUE “State ATM Corporation” Quality Policy Statement 

In order to regularly improve Air Traffic Management (ATM) and Communication, Navigation, Surveillance (CNS) the FSUE “State ATM Corporation” has developed, implemented, and maintained a quality management system (QMS) in accordance with international standard ISO 9001:2008 and national standard ISO 9001-2011 requirements. 

The Director General is a person in charge of the implementation and a continuous enhancement of the Corporation’s QMS performance. 

The highest priority is attributed to provision of ATM safety. By providing air navigation services (ANS) to users of Russian airspace the State ATM Corporation strives to become equal to the best ANSPs of the world. The FSUE “State ATM Corporation” constantly enhances cooperation with airspace users, monitors and analyzes their level of contentment and uses information obtained to improve core work processes. 

Through QMS implementation the  State ATM Corporation plans to achieve control augmentation, cut inefficient expenses, boost customers’ confidence and competitive advantages on the ANS market, improve cooperation with national, international and non-governmental aviation organizations as well as ensure a higher evaluation of the Company’s performance by its customers, other ANSPs, government institutions and international organisations. 

The FSUE “State ATM Corporation” recognizes that the guarantee of providing high-quality services lays in a constant improvement of operations processes. Every employee of the Corporation who participates in operations processes considers an employee of a subsequent operation as his consumer. 

While acknowledging a leading role of its staff in achieving, maintaining, and enhancing quality the State ATM Corporation takes into account a possibility of human factor errors and strives to minimize them. 

The State ATM Corporation senior management team assumes responsibility of complying with requirements and continuous improvement of QMS performance. 
Any quality information or comments related to the air navigation service provided by the State ATM Corporation can be submitted to:
For operational planning in Russian airspace, contact at +7 495 601 07 76