Social policy and sports

Social policy and sport

One of the strategic goals of "State ATM Corporation" is training of qualified, socially secured personnel that constitutes the most important and valuable resource of the Enterprise. 

Social package

The system of compensation and benefits is established in the FSUE "State ATM Corporation":
• The shortened working day is established for the controllers;
• Controllers have an early retirement (men at the age of 50 years, women at the age of 45 years);
• All employees have the seniority pay in excess of official salary;
• The employees who continuously worked in the Enterprise for over 7 years, have the free flight to any direction once a year (one family member has the discount of 50%);
• The employees who have worked in the Enterprise for 20 years and more receive one-time payment in the amount of 4-6 monthly wages;
• The employer defrays costs for the medical examination.

Expends of the Enterprise for the social package application rise annually and summed up 2 billion 392 million in 2013.

Some fringe benefits are foreseen for involvement of young experts:
• 50% compensation of the residence rental;
• Additional annual payments;
• The increment for working in the Far North region.
All employees are provided with the sanatorium-resort treatment annually.

Healthy lifestyle

High importance is attached to healthy lifestyle and sport development.
FSUE "State ATM Corporation" teams take part in the international hockey and football tournaments annually. Two teams of the FSUE "State ATM Corporation" take part in the European Controllers’ Cup.

FSUE "State ATM Corporation" teams have been holding leading positions for the few last years.

2010 – "Moscow" team – Bordeaux, 1st place
2011 - "Russia" team – Rome, 1st place
2012 - "Russia" team – 2nd place
2013 - "Moscow" and "Russia" teams – Dublin, 1st and 2nd places.
The World Controllers’ Cup tournament was organized in 2011, where our team got a victory and defended its title in Brazil in 2012.
Also ATC Hockey World Controllers’ Cup is held annually.
2009 – Minneapolis – 1st place
2011 – Dallas  - 1st place
2012  - Saint-Jones – 4th place
2013 – Clevelend – 1st place.

"Ural Air Navigation" Branch employees also do alpinism apart from football, hockey and volleyball. In honor of the Civil Aviation 90th anniversary in December 2012 a group of alpinists from "Ural Air Navigation" Branch successfully climbed at the highest point of Africa – Kilimanjaro volcano (5895 meters). The climbers planted flags of the FSUE "State ATM Corporation" and the "Ural Air Navigation" Branch above the continent of Africa.

Competition in ice-fishing that is traditional in the North is held annually in the "North Ural Air Navigation" and "North Siberia Air Navigation" Branches.

"South Air Navigation" Branch football team permanently takes part in the Russian tournament held by the FSUE "State ATM Corporation".

Even professional football and hockey players may be impressed with the number of prizes won by Moscow Automated ATC Centre controllers.

Cборная футбольная команда «Россия»Cборная футбольная команда «Москва»Cборная хоккейная команда «Русские снеговики»-Russian Snowmen