Main ATM Center

Head of Main ATM Centre
Oleg Senchukov

Main Air Traffic Management Centre (MATMC)

The Main ATM Centre provides airspace management within the Russian Federation, as well as in the areas where responsibility for air traffic management and monitoring of compliance to domestic and international regulations, standards and procedures of airspace management is assumed by the Russian Federation.

Structurally the Centre consists of the next departments: 

• Department of analysis and preliminary ASM planning 

• Duty shift 

• Organizational support department

As part of functional development in the near future Main ATM Centre plans to establish and implement an Integrated Flight Plan Processing System similar to the system existing in Western Europe, which will allow the Centre to implement the permissive order of airspace management with guaranteed quality and provide ATM units with flight plan related information.

 In respect of international flights Main ATM Centre performs interaction and coordination with Department of External  Relations of the Ministry of Transport of Russia and plenipotentiary authorities of adjacent states in the field of Air Traffic Services/Air  Traffic Flow Management (ATS/ATFM).

The Centre is headed by Oleg Senchukov, tel.: + 7 495 601 07 16.
The deputy head is Vladimir Topilin, tel.: + 7 495 601 06 41.